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On July 28 2014 was comprimised by a user that used our free service for SPAM! This incident caused the honest members of to suffer in possible financial losses. To prevent this from happening again will no longer be free to join.

If you'd like to join us you must send us a non refundable fee of $20! Even after sending us this payment if you're caught using our service for spam your account will be terminated immediatly and you will NOT be given a refund! If you would like to sign up you must contact us first!

If you want to advertise with Secureclix feel free to contact us.

Pricing for Advertising with Secureclix starts at $100 per month NO REFUNDS!

Banners allowed 728 x 90 banner, 468x60 banner Two spots on the front page top, bottom $500 Per Month each NO REFUNDS!,

Bottom footer banner shown on all pages starts at $1000 NO REFUNDS!, Members section banners $100 per month Top and $100 for bottom!


First come, first serve we reserve the right to raise advertising prices if or when we see fit, We currently offer no analytical data for our advertising. We also require advertisers to host their images with us and use hyperlinks links and if you advertise with us spam of any kind is not tolerated! x-rated image advertising will not be accepted!

We accept payments via Paypal or Payza


Notice to members: 

If you accidently delete you're secureclix link simply create a new one we will not restore any deleted links.

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